A thousand shades of (dis)belief

Generalization is a disease we all are very prone to getting infected with.

You will hear West seeing a Muslim with beard and immediately jump into generalization : “He is a terrorist”. The opposite is also true, a Westerner is generalized by radicals as an infidel who is justified to be killed.

In 3:113 Allah did not place all people of the Book into one bucket, rather Allah said:

They are not [all] the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing [in obedience], reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating [in prayer].

In the context of the recent Charlie Hebdo cartoons, I would like to highlight that not all French, or Europeans or Westerners are Charlie Hebdo, and as such we should not place them all under one bucket.

Many incidences from the biography of the Prophet Muhammad supports this “shades of disbelief” theory.

At the battle of Badr, there were two different people who were fighting amongst the infidels, so both had the common attributes of being disbelievers. One was Abu Jahl and other was Abul Bokhturi. The first used to work actively in harming the Prophet (similar to what Charlie did), however, the second was not, rather was showing sympathy to Muslims. When the first was killed in the battle field, the Prophet was very happy and declared: “This is the Pharaoh of this Ummah (nation)”, as for the second, he send orders not to kill him.

The above incidence shows: a) that disbelieve are of many grades and shades,  b) touching the Prophet with harm (like what Charlie did) is an enough justification to be killed.

Oops! Charlie you dialed wrong number!

Biographers of Prophet Muhammad –peace be upon him – mention that the infidel Meccans who abhor the prophet used to create for him from their imagination a notorious person called “mudhammam” and then pour their anger in terms of dirty poems describing this character.

So, one day Umm Jamil – wife of Abu Lahab (uncle of prophet and both couple being leading enemies of Muhammad)- came to the Kabaa’ mosque where both the Prophet and Abu Bakr were sitting. When she heard that a Quranic chapter was just revealed against her, she came rushing with an axe in her hand. Apparently she could not see the prophet, so she started to shout at Abu Bakr and threw few lines of poems describing this made-up character “mudhammam” and then she left. Prophet Muhammad later said to Abu Bakr: “ isn’t that amazing how Allah protects me from the harm of Qureish (his tribal enemies), they mock Mudhammam, but I am Muhammad.

The trend continues until the day. They draw from their imagination cartoons and start to provoke Muslims, but these cartoons are not Muhammad.

Truthful is Allah who mentioned (15:95)

“Lo! We defend thee from the scoffers”

heal the breasts of believers

To me the matters are simple. There were a bunch of people who took their profession to mock and make fun of Prophet Muhammad on regular basis. Some Muslim shoot them. How should I feel? The answer is HAPPY.

According to verse 9:14, feeling sad would place that person on the circle of non-believer.. and refer to the previous two verses to find more accurate connection.

I will leave you with the verses:

Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.


Beware to touch Muhammad – peace be upon him

I wanted to show how touching Prophet Muhammad is such a BIG issue which many of the western mind (and many so called Muslim mind) might not comprehend. Consider verse 9:13 (Muhsin Khan translation)

Will you not fight a people who have violated their oaths (pagans of Makkah) and intended to expel the Messenger, while they did attack you first? Do you fear them? Allah has more right that you should fear Him, if you are believers.

See how just “intention” to expel the Messenger was a justifiable ground to rage war and fight the criminal. Well, publishing satire of the Prophet and circulating them by thousands an millions is no doubt steps beyond intention.

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Charlie Hebdo: Stabbing Islam

I reflected on the verse 9:12 which according to Pickthall translation:

And if they break their pledges after their treaty (hath been made with you) and assail your religion, then fight the heads of disbelief – Lo! they have no binding oaths – in order that they may desist.

The keyword here is the Arabic (طعنوا) which to me is best translated as “Stabbing” with a dagger. I would not feel sad if Charlie Hebdo stabbed with their pen ISIS or al-Qaeda, but employing their pen to make fun of Prophet Muhammad is directly “Stabbing” our religion. And hence, according to this verse they are considered as the “heads of disbelief”. These cartoonists are “Imams” for the secular western mind.

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European “World” view

My observation is that European’s world is very small: it is Europe! I bring in three domains to illustrate this:

  • World History: European (and by extension American or Australian) authors start world history text from Greece and make a big jump to renaissance ignoring what was happening in other civilizations especially in the middle east..
  • World Wars: Completely European matters forcing some colonies into the mayhem!!
  • World Cups: remember that during World War II, two world cups were cancelled

Conclusion: The best example I found in the Quran analogous to the European mindset is the people of ‘Aad, read 41:50

As for A’ad, they were arrogant in the land without right, and they said: Who is mightier than us in power? Could they not see that Allah Who created them, He was mightier than them in power? And they denied Our revelations.

It is yellow bright in color – pleasing to the observers

I came across this research paper on using yellow color in design.

here is an excerpt:

Here’s where it gets interesting. Seeing yellow is what happens when BOTH the green AND red cones are highly excited near their peak sensitivity. This is the biggest collective excitement that your cones ever have, aside from seeing pure white. Notice that yellow occurs at peak intensity in the graph to the right. Further, the lens and cornea of the eye happen to block shorter wavelengths, reducing sensitivity to blue and violet light. This, combined with the neuronal nirvana resulting from the overlapping sensitivity of the red and green cones, is why yellow appears to be the brightest color in the spectrum, making it a unique and useful color.

Immediately, verse 2:69 came to my mind: (shown three English translations)

Sahih International

They said, “Call upon your Lord to show us what is her color.” He said, “He says, ‘It is a yellow cow, bright in color – pleasing to the observers.’ “


They said: Pray for us unto thy Lord that He make clear to us of what colour she is. (Moses) answered: Lo! He saith: Verily she is a yellow cow. Bright is her colour, gladdening beholders.

Yusuf Ali

They said: “Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us Her colour.” He said: “He says: A fawn-coloured heifer, pure and rich in tone, the admiration of beholders!”