Assorted thoughts on #ChapelHillShooting

This time the news came to me from Twitter. Like many others, and as I did when Muslims were killed in Gaza last summer, I have no influence over these events except to console myself by posting few tweets and writing my thoughts. So, here are few of my thoughts as they are fresh before cooling down the bin of memory:

Atheism seems uglier than false theism

We were used to see killings in America committed by far-right Christian fundamental groups (like KKK and other white supremacists) . But, Hicks was a far-left anti-Religion terrorist. Then I remembered that when the Western world departed from the distorted Christianity after the French revolution it caused no less violence starting from day one till today passing over the two World Wars!

In the land of America, Muslims now have new enemies. Far-Left or Far-Right, Muslims are always in the middle of the hatred agenda of the both. The Prophet said it clearly long time ago: “non-believe is one united alliance”. Today it is proven that very opposing and diverse groups like Russia, America, China etc, can not sit together and reach agreement except when it comes to hit Islam and bar pan-Islamism under the pseudo name of ‘combating terrorism’. But, the saddest part of the story is when so-called Muslim leaders are dragged and fooled into this alliance. I hope angels like Deah, Yusor and Razan by sacrificing their lives might cause these fool leaders to wake up and realize that “terrorist” to the western mind is ALL sunni Muslims. Non-terrorist Muslims are a very minority of people, who either denounced their religion (like Herzi or Salman Rushdi) or adhere to offshoot believes like Shia, Qadyaniyyah, Ismaili, Bahai, etc.

“American Sniper” Season

No co-incidence. ISIS and “American Sniper” successfully partnered to create such a hateful anti-Muslim sentiment in the mindset of ignorant Gun and Dog lovers like Hicks, that all the gentle, humane, altruistic past of these three angels never stroke any sense of sympathy in the heart of the terrorist Hicks.

Deah’s sister, Suzanne Barakat said it plainly.

Mainstream news media, entertainment industry at Hollywood, hatred instigated by neo-conservatives and gun-laws all collectively brought this natural hell for Muslims in America.

Unprofessional Journalism

The lies and attempts to cover the truth by mainstream media is so obvious that I feel piety for the millions of Hicks like people in America. These herds of sheep are so easy to keep busy with celebrity news and news headlines that keep public focused on a common enemy called Muslim Terrorists.

It is amazing how the Quran depicts this point long time ago when the tyrant Pharaoh tried successfully to fool his public creating awareness of the terrorism the folks of Moses was implanting in the land of Egypt. Read 40:26

And Pharaoh said, “Let me kill Moses and let him call upon his Lord. Indeed, I fear that he will change your religion or that he will cause corruption in the land.”


“Clash of Civilization”

Huntington was right long time ago: “Clash of civilization!” But Quran was righter even longer before: 2:120

And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion

Following the two World Wars and the triumph of Globalization after cold war seems to have created an illusion of world peace under a unified world order. The word “never” in the previous verse brings things to the default case. We are increasingly moving towards this clash of civilization. Muslims living in western civilization should seriously see the reality beyond the fog and seriously think to relocate themselves back to their Muslim countries. It might be inconvenient economically and in other worldly aspects, but you will enjoy staying in a land where majority belong to your culture and civilization and join you at least once a week during Jumuah prayer, and if not twice a year during Eid festivals.

“Hijab” that crown over the head

Deah lived in that neighborhood some time before bringing Yusor as a new bride. He did not feel the hatred yet from their would-be murderer. Perhaps, as Deah’s look was not much distinguishing from any other white American, Hicks did not bother a lot. When Yusor came to the neighborhood wearing hijab and her lots of friends visited her wearing hijab as well and expressing their joy over this new marriage, this terrorist could not take it any further. He might have covered his anger with a shallow wrapping of parking dispute and did what he did. It is a great trail for the Muslim women in the west as Hijab is something you can not hide inside your house. It is the identity that portraits the clash of civilization. It is the dignity and honor that angers her non-Muslim western women who increasingly became cheap entertaining sex objects to the public.  

It is a shame for millions of Muslim women even in Muslim countries to not wear hijab, where Yousr and Razan sacrificed their lives for that! See how corporate capitalist west are dragging women to their death when piece-by-piece robbed her out of dress by keeping her over conscious about the beauty she need to expose to the public.

Thank you Twitter!

Thank you for granting a platform for the 99% of the public to create some noise embarrassing the mainstream media run by the influential 1% of the society!

I think this modern technological outlet helped to apply and show the world the meaning of verses like (49:10) “believers are but brothers” and Hadiths like “the analogy of believers in their love, affection and mercy is like one body, if an organ feels pain the entire body shares with fever and sleeplessness..”


double standard

Once Prophet Muhammad sent an expedition to meet a Qureish caravan. They eventually met and a fight erupted between the two armies. Muslims killed a man, and that was on the first day of the lunar month of “Rajab” (i.e., seventh month in Islamic calendar). Now, Rajab was one of the four sacred months which Arabs even in pre-Islamic period used to observe by refraining from fights. Muslims was thinking it was the last day of Jumada II (the sixth month). Qureish took it a very good topic for media propaganda. “Muhammad’s army has killed during the sacred month”.

So, Allah revealed verse 2:17 (an excerpt is below with “Sahih International translation”

They ask you about the sacred month – about fighting therein. Say, “Fighting therein is great [sin], but averting [people] from the way of Allah and disbelief in Him and [preventing access to] al-Masjid al-Haram and the expulsion of its people therefrom are greater [evil] in the sight of Allah….”

In this verse Allah reminds the people of Qureish of their crime: committing shirk, dragging the Prophet and the believers out of Mecca, and preventing people from accepting the true religion. If the crime of this Muslim -who mistakenly killed during this month- was put on a side of a scale, and these grave crimes of Qureish is placed on the other, then the later would far out weight the Muslims crime.

History repeats, and the Quran remains fresh to portrait this trend of the non-believers.  Today, you will find thousands of innocent women, kids and elderly are burnt to death in Gaza, Myanmar, Yemen, etc at the hands of Israel and the like, but hardly anybody knows about them. However, when one “blue blooded” westerner is killed wrongly by some Muslim radical then that becomes the crime of the century!

Can the western media be more objective and less discriminating in their coverage?

A thousand shades of (dis)belief

Generalization is a disease we all are very prone to getting infected with.

You will hear West seeing a Muslim with beard and immediately jump into generalization : “He is a terrorist”. The opposite is also true, a Westerner is generalized by radicals as an infidel who is justified to be killed.

In 3:113 Allah did not place all people of the Book into one bucket, rather Allah said:

They are not [all] the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing [in obedience], reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating [in prayer].

In the context of the recent Charlie Hebdo cartoons, I would like to highlight that not all French, or Europeans or Westerners are Charlie Hebdo, and as such we should not place them all under one bucket.

Many incidences from the biography of the Prophet Muhammad supports this “shades of disbelief” theory.

At the battle of Badr, there were two different people who were fighting amongst the infidels, so both had the common attributes of being disbelievers. One was Abu Jahl and other was Abul Bokhturi. The first used to work actively in harming the Prophet (similar to what Charlie did), however, the second was not, rather was showing sympathy to Muslims. When the first was killed in the battle field, the Prophet was very happy and declared: “This is the Pharaoh of this Ummah (nation)”, as for the second, he send orders not to kill him.

The above incidence shows: a) that disbelieve are of many grades and shades,  b) touching the Prophet with harm (like what Charlie did) is an enough justification to be killed.