Multiple Tafsir Texts

I have gathered texts of the tafsir of a particular verse from three books of tafsir in one single page. This makes it easy to compare the tafsir of a single verse. Besides, I intend to use the data in future for some automatic text analytic tasks. here is the link:

Quranic Word Co-occurences

“You can judge a word by its neighbors”. In this small application, you may enter a Quranic term. The application will return the most frequent four neighbors of this word from the Quranic context of two words before and two words after. Try this application here and let me know your feedback.

Related Chapters of the Quran

One of the applications designed out of this dataset is finding the relatives of a Quranic Chapter. Given a chapter who are its closest relatives? I based my search for relatives of a chapter by searching number of cross-reference between the individual verses within the chapeters. Further, I distinguished the Meccan and Medinan surahs through […]